If you've ever wanted to meet the real God the Father of Jesus and be led by the Holy Spirit that can speak to you and you can know Him personally do not pass up this book up. Kids Get The Power - 75 percent of the book is written by the leading of the Holy Spirit.

12 - FOR ALL AGES - to 110

The Lord said: "Go Tell All My Children About Me"

"Twelve years old and up - junior high through college"

"Surely My children, I would say unto thee as I have said once before

prepare your lives before Me saith the Lord.   For I am doing new things in the earth even this day, those that see it will surely be glad.   The wise will see it and the foolish will be disappointed in the coming days.  Many just will not believe, and will miss out on the rich things of Me saith the Lord your God.

Come and learn of me and the power I have for you to walk in with Me; saith the Lord."