Christians have power over the enemy.  Those guys that kill others need to see their future of what The Lord showed Bill WieseGo to YouTube - 23 Minutes in Hell.   Those Killing Police and other's that beheaded people, setting on fire alive others, killing has a reward go ahead and watch what's waiting for those that do the killing's, they won't kill anymore after they see what their reward is forever.

Read Luke 10:19, 20

The New Testament picture is really for today.   Walking with The Lord can be a very real experience as it said it was in the old testament.  I found out the truth I stood in His Glory.  Its available to all those who desire to invite Jesus to come into their heart.  Its up to the Lord to manifest Himself to you once you get close to Him, not because of my words.  I'm writing and telling you this because of what He's doing and the actual experiences I've had with the Holy Spirit.  I believe your congragation needs to know more.   Please contact us for more info.

Get the book, Get the protection, Get all the promises of God working for you.



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Once You're born again and choose to run around with the Holy Spirit, leading you and guiding you through Life you'll find so much more in having and loving the peaceful relation- ship and blessings happening for you, as with two guys I mentioned in the book about many blessings came their way walking with the Lord.  As I wrote about them seeing how in their believing they receive so much for their lives by the hand of God.   True Story!