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Tom Kochel, A Prophetic Author & Spiritual Leader

We all must build our Life in Christ.   Tom has written 3 spiritual books by the leading of The Holy Spirit, that teach you about how to get ahold of God's power and learn about His Glory.   Learn how to connect with Jesus Christ by hearing His voice.  These's books are filled with direct messages he has learned from the Lord God almighty.

The best teacher is The Holy Spirit.  He wrote the Bible.  He will teach us and lead us if we'll read and listen too what He says. 

Again, Jesus said it in the Bible, in the book of John 3:7, Ye must be born again.                        Here's why?   Bill Wiese went down into hell for twenty three minutes, (23 minutes) he shared it took him a year to cope with what the Lord allowed him to see down there.  Here is Bill Wiese's Video sharing with you of what its like, NOT FOR YOUNG KIDS, copy and paste in internet address above:     [ ]


He Sent His Word To Heal You    Hear His Word    Receive    Be Healed    Glorify God

About Tom

If you are interested in learning about the Holy Spirit, or if you want to expand your knowledge on walking with God, order: Kids Get The Power.  Through this Ministry, the inspirational publications teach you how to walk with the Lord.  Each of the books is inspired by The Lord.  Now, Tom  has made it his goal to spread God's spiritual messages to everyone he can in reaching out and sharing mysteries, secrets, visions and dreams;    not mentioned through the preaching of the gospel.   In this picture below is a real experience.  His Presence of Glory came upon him.                         There is just nothing like standing in the Glory of God, its on the inside as well as the out-side of the body too.   Its like the greatest thing ever.


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Kids Get The Power, Received a  Rating & Review from Reader's Favorite (2014)

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